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Experience the Complete Line of COLDFLEX Self-Cooling Products!

What are COLDFLEX® Wraps and Blankets Used For?
Wraps: Stocking up, Cooling Down, Heat Exhaustion, Bowed Tendons, Capped Hocks, Curbs, Osselets, Sesamoiditis, Shin Splints, Bucked Shins, Thoroughpin, Wind Puffs, Wind Galls, Lameness, Jack Spavin, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Stiffness, Tendon Rupture, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Edema, Hemorrhage, Hematoma, Sore Muscles

Blankets: Cooling down, Anhydrosis / Puffing, Sunburn, Heat Exhaustion, Swelling, Edema, Back Pain, Arthritis and much, much more! 

COLDFLEX® Protects You and Your Horse!
There are many cold therapy products on the market, making it hard to know which item will work best for your horse. From ice packs to cold water circulation devices, there are a variety of products that range in both performance and cost. However, COLDFLEX® is the superior choice if you want worry-free cold therapy.

COLDFLEX® is a "convenience" product as it is inexpensive, non-toxic, rechargeable and can be used straight from the jar at room temperature, making it the ideal cold therapy treatment anywhere, anytime. In emergency situations, you need something fast, and that is where COLDFLEX® excels!!  It's small enough for a saddle bag and you can use it  immediately.  Other self-cooling products can increase vasodilation of the surface tissues, irritate the skin due to the alcohol content and require messy chemicals to mix, while COLDFLEX® only needs water to activate it's scientifically formulated cooling gel.

COLDFLEX® is simply "Fool-Proof. If you forget and leave the wraps on for hours, you will never have to fear tissue damage from the intense cold as with the application of ice or chemical packs. (Which often increases vasodilation / swelling of the tissues as a protective response to excess cold.) Horses far prefer the gentle cold from COLDFLEX® as it removes / pulls heat from within the injured tissues instead of forcing cold into the area being treated. COLDFLEX® is the best choice you can make for you and your horse! (You can use this product on your own injuries too! - How awesome is that?)

The COLDFLEX® self-cooling blankets are also fire retardant, withstanding temperatures just over 3500 degrees Fahrenheit! They should be in every barn, home and trailer for that reason alone. This will ensure you and your horses safety if the need ever arises!

Cold Therapy Equine Wraps
The reusable and rechargeable COLDFLEX® compression wraps are perfect for treating sprains, strains, tendon injuries, bucked shins, hematoma's, arthritis, stocking up, core temperature control* and various other veterinary problems. It is also used before strenuous exercise to keep swelling out and to tighten the muscles.
Cold Therapy Equine Blankets
COLDFLEX® self-cooling blankets can be used at least 25x if properly cared for. It is always cold and ready to cool-down and rejuvenate your horse by decreasing both core body temperature and heart rate. COLDFLEX® is also fire-resistant, withstanding temperatures of 3,500F + for several minutes - perfect for barn emergencies!
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